Series 24 Live Class

and Virtual Training

American Investment Training can structure an In House live course for the Series 24 exam at your location or you can attend a live online webinar Series 24 class over the Internet. Our classes are for brokerage and other financial companies who would like a live virtual course, an in-house or on site class for their employees.

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"The key to any live class is the instructor. Our instructors have, on average, been doing this for 20 years. This means that they really know these exams inside and out and they also know how to teach the content so that it comes alive in class. Our instructors really care about their students, and stay available after each class session to work with students who need extra help, and to answer additional questions on a one-on-one basis. A great class experience can make all the difference in being properly prepared for these difficult exams."

On site Full Series 24 classes normally requires 2 days to complete. However, if your employees have studied with our Series 24 exam study material, we can do a group hourly tutor session for your group. Our study materials are required beforehand, as the classes should be viewed as supplements to the material. Our home study course using the book and cd carries an 87% first time self study pass rate. The book and CD rom package is very effective. The Series 24 is largely a "rules exam".

Individual students looking to pass the Series 24, should go to the home study course section. In House training for firms are available nationwide.

Online Virtual Class

If you are looking for a full online classes, visit our virtual university for interactive training on the Series 24. Free demo, so you can see the delivery. As good or better than an actual live class. Follow the link here:

Series 24 Online Class - Course available worldwide.



Course Ordering

Private tutoring and group classes are based on the needs of the firm and their employees.

We can customize a training program based on what you need.

Fees for live training for the Series 24 are based on full day, 1/2 day or hourly group rates. Email us

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