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Series 26 Live Class

American Investment Training can set up a live course in house training session for the Series 26 exam. Our classes are for this test are for brokerage and other financial companies who would like an in-house or on site class for their employees. Individuals students use our self study Series 26 training material.

The series 26 classes normally requires 3 days to complete. However, if your employees or agents have studied with our Series 26 exam study material, we can do a group hourly tutor session for your group. Our exam prep material is required beforehand, as the class should be a supplement to the material. Our home study materials, using the book course carries an 88% first time self study pass rate. Most of our students pass this test that way. Phone support is included with the exam prep course book.

Individual students looking to pass the Series 26, who are not part of a firm - should visit the home study course section. or visit our online course section for this exam below.

Online classes for Series 26

If you are looking for a live class for the 26, we offer an online virtual course for this exam. This is an interactive class that can be used by students from around the country 24/7. Student tracking and support included.

Full Series 26 Course

Free peak at the course before you begin.

Series 26 Classes for Groups On Site

  • Student overview and planning with the firm manager
  • Friendly and professional delivery
  • Practice tests and exam simulations
  • High pass rate

Private tutor programs and group classes are based on the needs of the firm and their employees.

We can customize an on site class training program based on what you need.

Fees for live training for the Series 26 test are based on full day, 1/2 day or hourly group rates. AIT books are required beforehand. Group purchase discounts are available. Email us

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