Series 63 Classes

American Investment Training can provide an on site live training courses for the Series 63 exam. Our classes are for brokerage firms and other financial companies who would like an in-house teacher for their employees.

A full Series 63 class usually takes 1 day or a 1/2 day to complete. However, if your students have studied enough with our Series 63 study material, we can do a group hourly tutor session for your group. Our study materials are required beforehand, as the class should be viewed as supplements to the material. The Series 63 books and CD course are very effective and can be used a self study course, with proper time given.

Online Course

Our FINRA Course virtual university offers:

Online Training for the Series 63 - PASS GUARANTEE

This is a fully interactive and visual course that can be used by students around the country and world 24/7. Test tracking and student progress included. Free demo look before you begin, with support throughout.

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Series 63 Class

  • Overview of students
  • Practice exams and simulations
  • High pass rate

Private tutoring and group classes are based on the needs of the firm and their employees.

We can build an in house training program based on what you need.

Fees for live training is based on full day, 1/2 day or hourly group rates. Call for more information or Email us

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