Series 66 Live Class

American Investment Training can conduct an on-site live course for the Series 66 exam. Our classes are for brokerage and other financial companies who would like an in-house class for their employees.

A full Series 66 class normally requires one day to complete. However, if your students have studied enough with our Series 66 study material, we can do a group hourly tutor session for your group. Our study materials are required beforehand, as the classes should be viewed as supplements to the material. The Series 66 is not a difficult exam and most of our companies find our study materials are strong enough to not need a live class.

Individual students looking to pass the Series 66, should go to the home study course section or take our online 66 training class.

Online Course

If you are looking for virtual training on this exam, visit our virtual course school below. The training is audio and video based with exam questions and answers following each section. The online prep course is fully updated and comes with live instructor support.


This training is fully virtual and can be taken by students in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or any other location around the world. 24/7 class access with student tracking. All in one and a free demo look as well.

Series 66 online course Modules (given in training course)

Each module is comprised of the following: Lesson The lesson is available in both an online format and a print (PDF) format; the content of each is identical, and you should read one version or the other, depending on your preference.

Online Lessons Each course section includes recorded PowerPoint tutorials with audio. These tutorials are an invaluable and necessary part of each course section.

Course Summary The key points of each lesson are presented in bold red print in the lesson, and are also found in the Executive Summary at the beginning of each lesson. You should read the Executive Summary to familiarize yourself with these key points, then read the lesson to gain more insight into the material. You should re-read the Executive Summary after completing the quizzes for each section.

We also offer live tutorial sessions, covering the same content as the recorded tutorials. You should consider attending a live tutorial session if the tutorial being offered coincides with your progress in the curriculum, or if you've had trouble with a module and would like revisit it and ask questions during the tutorial. The tutorials are generally offered each Monday and Thursday, starting at 9am Pacific Time/12 noon Eastern Time. You can find a schedule of and sign up for upcoming live tutorials by launching "Register for a Live Tutorial" on your Course Progress screen under Module 00. Many students like to have copies of the tutorial slides available when watching the tutorials so they can make notes on them.

Series 66 Practice Test Each section has a quiz that tests your knowledge of the material presented in the module. If you sign up for a live tutorial session, the slides will be emailed to you the morning of the tutorial. If you view a recorded tutorial, you may download the slides from the corresponding module of your Course Progress screen. You should take the quiz only after reading the lesson and viewing the tutorial. You are not required to achieve a passing score on any of the quizzes, and you should use the quizzes as a means of assessing what you've learned.

Series 66 On Site Classes

Students looking to attend a live or virtual class: individual students can attend these live or virtual classes.

Private tutoring and group classes are based on the needs of the firm and their employees.

We can customize a training program based on what you need.

Fees for live training are based on full day, 1/2 day or hourly group rates. Email us

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