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Online classes for Appraisal License Training and Continuing Education Training courses. A Real Estate Appraiser career can be flexible, satisfying, and rewarding. Go through the course on your own time and receive your license. Part time or full time career opportunities.

Each state course meets the requirements for licensing, under the laws of that state. Students will learn about the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices. All required reference material will be provided online including; Course handouts, and Course Student Manual.

When you begin studying real estate appraisal, the course will cover real estate concepts, finance, the valuation process, neighborhood analysis, the concept of highest and best use, data collection, site and improvement description, and the three approaches to value - sales comparison, cost, and income.

Career and Job

The basic job description: Evaluates the total condition of the property he is examining. An appraiser will estimate the market value of the property. He will also measure the insurance, financial, and loan value. The appraiser will prepare reports, in writing. These reports must meet the legal standards set forth.

Training is available for Texas, California, Florida, New York, Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey and all 50 states.

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Appraiser Books

Language of Real Estate Appraisal - A must have for all real estate appraisers. Written with the practicing appraiser in mind, this comprehensive reference uses in depth definitions, explanations and examples to illuminate real estate appraisal concepts and principles. An ideal supplement for appraisal students, certification exam preparation and an indispensable resource for the real estate professional. A valuable resource for anyone who is currently practing appraisal or considering entering the profession.

Basic Real Estate Appraisal - Mastering real estate appraisal has never been easier. This ever-popular resource, based on the authors? combined wealth of both professional and academic experience, continues to provide a thorough outline of the most up-to-date appraisal theory and practice for students, real estate professionals and consumers. Both simple and complex subjects are covered in terms that are easy to understand and accurate. This book references and explains the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, introducing all of the appraisal related topics listed in educational requirements for universal state licensing and certification. Master real estate appraisal like a professional.

Real Estate Appraising From A to Z: Real Estate Appraiser, Homeowner, Home Buyer and Seller Survival Kit Series - Fourth edition of this top selling real estate book. Nemmar Real Estate Training is ranked as one of the most exclusive real estate appraisal and home inspection training services since 1988. Our top selling products have taught thousands of real estate professionals and homeowners nationwide. You too can learn everything you need to know about Real Estate - from Asbestos to Zoning. With this knowledge you will save thousands of dollars when you buy, sell, or renovate your home. You will also learn how to eliminate safety hazards and properly maintain a home. Statistics show an average savings of at least $4,700.00 per home for customers who have read our books. Both of our books are the number one sellerís in the Real Estate Appraisal and Home Inspection categories nationwide and they have been called the "Bible" of the real estate industry.

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