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Investment Money Management

With the amount of full service brokerage firms available, many investors are using advisory firms for full money or asset management on their investments.

A money manager can handle all of your financial investments under one umbrella account. A good financial advisor under htis set up will spread your assets over a diverisfied field of investment choices to create a well rounded portfolio.

Types of Asset Management

  • Securities and Investment
  • Insurance policies and annuities
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax advisory
  • Child education planning
  • Trust account set up

Contracts and Fees

This can vary with each broker dealer, advisor or money manager. Usually, a full service asset management program is a fee based arrangement beased ont he total assets the firm is advising you on. Many large investors like this arrangement vs. paying per transaction (commission).

Knowing a money manager is being paid on a percentage of assets usually means there is no monetary incentive by the advisor to do any trading unless it makes sense. There is also a comfort level that all of your assets are managed in one place.

When a financial advisor managers assets for you, your investment, insurance and estate planning can be invested in with the other accounts in mind. Also, having your tax issue involved allows you and the asset manager in touch with your entire financial situation and how it efects your other accounts.

Choosing a Money Manager

Important factors when choosing a money manager is allowing one you feel comfortable with to do a free review of your assets. When an asset mamanger offers to do this (and almost all will), it is done without a charge. This will allow you to see how deep they do their work and the advice they are giving. It can be very educational, you are under no obligation and you may decide to go with that particular money management firm.

Featured Article

Investment Management Services - What They Actually Do

By Clive Keramin Soberg

After spending a lot of time and energy in earning money, at some point of time we all think about investments. This not just helps in multiplying our current income but also secures our future. If done in a planned manner, investment management can reap great benefits and returns. If a person wishes to start investing, he cannot go ahead without the help of professional investment management services. There is risk involved in investments and hence it is best to seek expert assistance.

The question now arises is how can an investment management expert help a layman understand and enter the investment arena. There are multiple questions in every individual's mind before he starts investing his capital in the markets, asset managers answer these questions and help achieve the desired results. There are a question that any investor would come across.

How to invest?

This is the foremost question every new investor will ask himself. Investment management services aim at solving this query. For instance they will want to know what kind of investments are you aiming at and a few other doubts to be cleared.

Whether you need a short-term or a long-term investment plan?

How much risk are you willing to take?

What kind of sectors would you want to put your money in?

Do you wish to have fixed methods of investment or you want a dynamic portfolio?

After you and your adviser are clear upon the above points, you can move on to the next stage. Here the question that arise are

Where to invest?

Your asset manager will come up with options where you can invest your money; these will also depend on the approach you are planning to take. If you plan to take a short-term route you can choose fixed deposit options. These come with the guarantee of assured returns and there would be zero risk involved. You can also go for bonds as these too come with fixed returns, you can choose between government or private bonds.

The time duration for these is longer compared to fixed deposits that start from as low as 15 days. Investing in properties is another option you can look at, the real estate market can get you good returns in the long run. Shares are the most sought after investment options and also the most risky choice. If you are willing to take high risks and in-turn expecting high returns, this can be your ideal option.

Investment management services will help you in taking the right decision in both of the above mentioned stages. The stage that comes next is where your asset managers will play a very crucial role.

After you know which investment opportunities are best for you, the need to actually invest and manage them will arise. This is where the experts will guide you throughout. They will make sure all your funds are allocated in the right streams and the risks factors are kept as low as possible.

An investment portfolio needs to be balanced and investment management services assist you in doing just that.

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