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Career Information Book for Advisors and Brokers - Series 7 Sponsorship

People looking to build a career as a stockbroker or Financial Advisor will find this guide book to be the most informative career book available. Features such as: How to get sponsored for the Series 7 exam, finding the right stockbroker job, how much can you earn and more.

If you are starting a broker or advisor career, this book will help you. This industry is too large to rely on heresay or what one particular brokerage firm is telling you. We work with hundreds of them - training their employees for the Series 7, Series 6 and other exams. Most firms are not all the same. Your career goals and specialties may not be the same.

Features include:

  • Introduction to a career as a stockbroker and financial advisor
  • How companies hire
  • Firms to avoid
  • Discussion of all licenses and ones you should consider
  • Working as an Independent Broker
  • How Large firms and small work
  • Insurance and Investment Product Carriers
  • and More career information....
  • Series 7 Sponsorship
  • Series 6 Sponsor

Building a career as a Financial Advisor, Insurance Broker or Stockbroker requires pre-knowledge information in not only the requirements, but understanding truly what it takes to succeed as a broker or financial planner. This book cuts through the haze of the snippets of information you find on the Internet. It not only speaks to how to become a stockbroker, but discusses the types of firms to choose from, the salary to expect, the commission structures and more.

Series 7 Sponsorship and information on how to become an independent financial planner are discussed.

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Stockbroker Guide
"How to Become a Successful Broker and Advisor"


  • Learn all you need to know to succeed as a stockbroker
  • Build up your resume before you get a job
  • Know the financial firms to work with
  • Exams To Take
  • Best firms to operate as an independent
  • Markets to work in
  • Securities industry phone numbers
  • List of sponsoring national brokerage firms
  • Become an independent stockbroker with Series 7 Sponsorship
  • History and current trends in the industry
  • Getting sponsored for the Series 7
  • Full Test Outline
  • 100 pages

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Only $35 and emailed within 24 hours

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