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Renewals, Requirements and Online Course Credits UPDATED

Use American Investment Training and our online university to earn your CFP CE course hour credits for your continuing education requirements as a Certified Financial Planner. All training subjects are approved for credit towards your planner certification.

The Certified Financial Planner CE courses that cover retirement, long-term care, disability, financial investments, wills -- and the ethics that should guide a responsible and judicious CFP. The CFP CE courses equip the professional to provide timely, effective and profitable advice to clients. The courses include a Final Exam and a Certificate of Completion.

The course subjects are offered in a dynamic online manner with a free demo to see the presentation of your CFP education subjects.

Audio and Video Training Available

Go straight to: FULL CFP CE CATALOG or view a few renewal subjects below with brief descriptions with hours, requirements and brief summary. All online with Audio and Video Options.

subjects towards your CFP continuing education include:

  • Annuities 9 hour credit - The ce credits training explains the distinctions between fixed, indexed, and variable annuities and describes the mechanics of the various products’ accumulation and payout phases. The continuing Ed course covers annuity settlement options and tax treatment and offers a review of the suitability issues and standards that apply to these unique products.

  • Advanced Estate Planning 2.5 hours - Course description Example: This course focuses on are the proper methods of holding legal title to property during your life, and passing your estate on to your heirs in a manner and timing of your choosing, all with minimum taxes and intervention by the legal system. It begins with a consideration of the estate planning process and the documents of transfer. The online course then addresses the unified transfer tax system and the calculation of an individual's estate tax liability. Estate planning techniques such as trusts, marital and charitable deduction vehicles, and intra-family business and property transfers are then discussed. The course ends with a consideration of post-mortem tax planning for CFP needs.

  • CFP Board of Ethics 2 hours online credit - The ethics ce renewal requirement CE covers key areas regarding CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct and the requirements that Certified Financial Planners must use when they conduct business in financial planning. Updated to comply with CFP Board’s most current ethics requirements

  • Long Term Care 4 or 8 hour Online Renewal - For the licensed insurance Agent to comply with long term care training, this online renewal course covers the long term care on what it is, how it is given, and funded. The continuing education online training goes into LTC services and providers, insurance and partnership programs. The training covers federal and state LTC programs, including Medicare and Medicaid and details state LTC partnerships and other programs. The training CE course also covers the requirements of ethics and suitability standards associated with the sale of Long Term Care insurance.

  • 401 k Plans 5 hours - This course provides a comprehensive overview of 401(k) plans and explains how these plans are designed, the types of contributions that can be made, and the various investment vehicles available to participants. The course also covers technical issues related to 401(k) plans, such as eligibility requirements, nondiscrimination testing, vesting schedules, and the tax consequences of distributions. Financial professionals will also learn about the different types of 401(k) plans and the rules governing rollovers, participant loans, required minimum distributions, enrollment materials, plan reporting and disclosure requirements, and plan conversions.

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Separate continuing education training subjects can be taken for as low as $10 per CFP subject.

Mutual funds, anti-money laundering, annuities and more.

Satisfy your Certified Financial Planner CE requirements with our fast, affordable and very professional course training. All online students receive support and can view their progress. All credit hours are logged and delivered for our students.

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