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Estate Planning Protection

American Investment Training provides expert advisors in the areas of estate planning and reducing the taxable portion of a persons estate. Our main goal is to show you how to avoid probate and show you ways to reduce your taxes so your heirs will receive the most value possible. Proper estate planning can save your estate up to 40% in many cases in taxes.

Avoiding Probate

One of the best things you can for yourself and your family is to set up a proper trust and have your estate plan in place to avoid the probate process (court decides in an open form) that can cause you to incur much higher taxes and have your "will" be an open book for all to see. We can show you how to avoid probate and provide the experts and education you need for proper estate planning protection and avoiding probate, courts and higher estate taxes.

Contact us direct here for any estate planning help or questions: - Please include your name, state and phone number with your question. There is no fee.

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Planning Questions: (service for corporate plan managers)

Company in need of servicing questions for your employees or have questions on fees, compliance or other areas of concern, please use our Company Retirement Plan Help form.

If you are an individual with a retirement account or any investment, insurance account and have a question, American Investment Training can help. You can submit your question to our Investment Retirement Plan Help form for individual investors or insurance issues.

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