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   Bull Spread
   Call Option
   Closed End Fund
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   Independent Broker
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   Series 34 Study
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   Margin Account
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   Mortgage REIT
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   Nominal Yield
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   Option Spread
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   Online Real Estate Broker
   P E Ratio
   Penny Stock Investing
   Portfolio Management
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   Private Placement
   Put Option
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   Revenue Bond
   Secured Bond
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   Stock Option
   Stock Warrant
   Subordinated Debenture
   Tax Deferred Annuity
   Treasury Bill
   Treasury Note
   Treasury Bond
   Treasury STRIP
   Trust Account
   UGMA Account
   Unit Investment Trust
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Financial Glossary

American Investment Training provides the following library of financial terms in our growing glossary. There are investment products, including bonds, stocks, mutual funds and retirement planning products.

We will be adding more investment securities products and other finance terms to our glossary ongoing. Currently we have full descriptions with links to topics related to stocks, bonds, funds, limited partnerships and much more. Our glossary has in depth pages on all Bond Yields, full detailed strategies for option contracts and much more.

Special New Investment Trading Subjects:

High Yield Bond Funds - Learn about High Yielding junk bonds and funds

Learn Options Trading - Basics and strategies of options trading. Spreads, Straddles and more

Forex Trading - Gold, Energy, Metals, Commodities

Futures Market - Learn Futures Trading

You will find helpful links on each page to learn about the investments or to obtain other information. We will also be including full service broker dealers, trading systems, stock trading courses and more.

Estate Planning, Probate, and Trusts

American Investment Training provides free answers and experts for any Estate Planning questions, tax help, avoiding probate, trust set up and more. Visit our page on Estate Planning Help for information to help and contacts to experts.

You can also get direct answers to investment concepts and career topics by visiting one of our affiliate finance and investing blogs:

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