Home Inspection Training Courses

Learn to become a certified Home Inspector by taking an online course. The school training will include a full curriculum covering all of the topics neccessary to begin a career in Home Inspection.

The course is divided into training modules covering the different Home Inspection areas. The total number of hours for the course averages 120 hours of total training. Learn online and study at your own pace. A Home Inspector career can be pursued on a part time or full time basis. It is a terrific curriculum to learn and earn.

Topics for initial training and CE for the School include:

Home Inspection Business Practices - This school course teaches what inspection is and the purpose behind it. You will learn the common safety hazards, functional defects, and cosmetic issues associated with a home inspection. Report writing and legal issues will also be covered in this course.

Structural Components - This course teaches you the aspects of structural components involved in a home inspection. Learn the fundamentals of foundations and drainage, soil concepts, repairs, floor structures, and masonary walls typically encountered during structural inspections. You will gain a solid understanding of foundation materials, floor system components, foundation movement, wood framed walls, and more.

Exteriors - This course teaches you the requirements of an exterior inspection. You will gain a solid understanding of lots, landscape, retaining walls, exterior siding, exterior doors, driveways, patios, windows, and more. This course also teaches about the common problems, defects, and installation process involved in an exterior inspection.

Roofing System - Learn the fundamental components, materials and mechanics involved in roofing and exterior system inspections.

Insulation and Ventilation - Learn the fundamentals of heat, heat transfer, types of insulation, moisture movement, and more.

Interiors - You will gain a solid understanding of drywalls, ceilings, flooring, interior doors, stairs, cabinets, countertops, appliances, basements, and more.

Online Home Inspection Training - Choose your state and begin!

Licensing and Continuing Education

Property inspection certified students in most states need to pass a licensing exam. For people already licensed as a home inspector, periodic continuing education (CE) training is needed. These credit hours are approved and reported to the state when completed.

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A certificate of school completion will follow the class when finished. Part of the course outline deals with starting your own inspector business. This is a career that can last as long as you want it to and worked as often as you want it to. Are you retired? or semi retired? This is a perfect business for people who want to make their own hours in the property inspection field.


Our students who completed the training look to start their careers either working for themselves or with a real estate company. Choosing to start your property inspection business can offer great long term benefits for full time or part time use. Training is ongoing during your career. You will learn as you work and you may also be taking continuing education ce course credits in the future. This is a growing career field.

License Certification

Training online can bring you fast license certification completion. The courses are available and approved in California, New York, Michigan, Ohio and most of the 50 states.