Alabama CE Course

Start your Alabama continuing education online for your Insurance agent credits. AIT university has dozens of training courses for insurance agents to complete their Alabama Insurance CE requirements.

Every state has insurance continuing education requirements for licensed agents. The credits and topics needed will be different for each state. You can view the full catalog for Alabama and choose the courses that best suits your CE needs.

The training can be completed online or in paper form.

You can choose all of your required CE hours for a maximum of $45.00.

See the full Alabama Course Listings Online

Courses include sections for:

  • Life and Health
  • Property and Casualty
  • Limited Lines

Life Insurance CE Catalog:

The life courses for Alabama include: Disability, Insurance law and regulations, Annuities, Life insurance concepts and more

Property and Casualty Training

P&C training includes sections for: Property and business insurance, homeowners, workers compensation, officers and employment liability.

Limited Lines

Training is available for limited lines continuing ed.

Subject Topic Example: Life & Health Insurance Terms and Definitions - Designed to assist the agent in learning the terms and definitions used in the insurance industry. The course does not include property and casualty terms and is designed specifically for use by life and health agents.

Alabama CE Rules and Regulations for Credits:

Course Subject Requirements

Continuing Education Compliance Date: The compliance date is the license renewal date.

License Renewal Date:

The license renewal date is the last day of the producer's birth month, annually.

Types of courses accepted for CE Credit:

Independent self study Online
Class study seminar