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Satisfy your continuing education credits with the AIT virtual university. All course training is designed to get California insurance agents through their CE school requirements.

Every state has insurance continuing education requirements for licensed agents. The credits and topics needed will be different for each state. You can view the full catalog for California and choose the courses that best suits your CE needs.

The training can be completed online or in paper form.

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Catalog includes Training in these sections:

  • Life CE
  • Fire and Casualty
  • Personal Lines Brokers

Life Insurance ce:

We have over 35 different courses for California Life Insurance Continuing Ed. These include: Annuity training, long term care courses, insurance law, medicare credits, insurance for estate planning, managed health care and much more.

Fire and Casualty :

Agents in California may need Fire and Casualty credits and our WEBCE university has all you need. These courses include: Homeowners insurance, flood insurance, commerical liability, workers compensation and reinsurance.

Personal Lines

We have over 25 courses in this section. Areas include: Crop Insurance, construction and commercial.

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Some California CE Rules:

Fire and Casualty agents and Life brokers are required to complete 4 hours of Ethics CE every license term. Personal Lines agents must complete 2 hours of Ethics every license term.

Life agent or fire and casualty broker agent: 25 hours annually for first four years following original license issuance date, then 30 hours biennially thereafter.

Personal lines brokers must complete 10 hours every year

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