New Hampshire CE Course

Insurance agents in New Hampshire can earn their continuing education course credits online using our low cost virtual university. Brokers can track their progress during the CE modules. All training is approved for New Hampshire credit hours.


Courses include sections for:

  • Life and Health
  • Property and Casualty Producer
  • Adjuster Public
  • Adjuster Multi line

Life Insurance CE Catalog:

Training for life insurance includes annuities, medicare, long term care, and more

Property and Casualty

P&C producer courses include sections for: Property and business insurance, homeowners, workers compensation, officers and employment liability.

Adjuster Public and Multi Line

Training is available for adjuster continuing ed.

New Hampshire CE Rules and Regulations for Credits:

License Renewal Date

For producers, the license renewal date is biennial on the last day of the first month of the quarter for producers born in that quarter. Producers initially licensed in even years will renew in even years. Producers initially licensed in odd years will renew in odd years.

For New Hampshire adjusters the license renewal date is 10/1 biennially.

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