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Life and Health Insurance License Exam

Exam Prep For Agents and Brokers

American Investment Training offers our virtual university for life license certification and health exam online training. To sell insurance products, all individuals must have a state insurance license. Life and health licensing is needed for every state if you wish to pursue and conduct insurance business in these areas.

A unique exam simulation and diagnostic tool designed to address the three major challenges you face in seeking to qualify for a Producer's license.

Identifying the critical information that will appear on the State Exam

Mastering that information

Demonstrating your proficiency by passing a standardized test

Exam4Caster offers 4 practice exams with over 450 questions. Every question includes valuable feedback to clarify your understanding and help you pass your state exam.

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The Online Prep Course will allow you to learn and remember the critical insurance vocabulary, concepts and products that will be tested on your State Licensing Exam. You'll find no fluff, no nice-to-know, no war stories just the essential information that you will need to obtain your license. This crucial knowledge is presented in easy to read, user-friendly language that is devoid of legal complexities and legislative mumbo-jumbo. We've even taken care to clearly define the insurance terms before we use them.

Life Pre License

Generally, this part of the course for most states covers all relevant topics, concepts, and factors surrounding life insurance and policies. To prepare and pass your state life exam, our online university will provide all the information you need - including accurate practice test questions and detailed answers.

Life exam preparation will include: Insurance principles, underwriting premiums, annuities and policies.

Health Pre License

The health exam part of the training will cover topics including: Accident and health insurance concepts, group policies, premiums and disability. To prepare and get your life and health pre license training, our online university will deliver state of the art exam training, support and practice tests.

The student has access to their progress on all license exam training on our site at anytime. Test grades are saved and instuctor support is available.

Free demo is available on all pre license courses when you enter. Each section can be viewed before beginning.

States Include: New York, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Michigan and all states where life and health pre license training prep is required. Fast Online Exam Prep

Pass your life and health exam. Click the course list link or your state below.

Life and Health Insurance Course List

The following states have Insurance License Education Training available to students: Choose your state for Full list of prep courses by subject or full fast online training