Series 26 Exam Online Course

American Investment Training offers virtual online course learning for the Series 26 Test. This is a fully interactive web based class that gives the student all of the strengths of a live class and more. Preparing for your test through online training allows the student to move at their own pace and repeat topic sections of the Series 26.

Student progress is tracked and exam test scores are logged, so you can always see where you are at. You can view a sample of the delivery and course topics by visiting the on line link below.

The is no prior topic knowledge of the Series 26 exam subjects that is required beforehand. The online classes take you from beginning, and you can progress as fast or slow as you feel comfortable in. Full training support is given to all students who are enrolled.

Online topics include:

  • Introduction to the Series 26 License
  • Equity Securities
  • Trading Markets and Supervision
  • Bonds and Other Debt
  • Investment Companies and Mutual Funds
  • FINRA, SEC Regulations and Law
  • Taxes and Retirement Planning
  • Net Capital and Balance Sheet
  • Uniform Practice Code
  • More
Passing the Series 26 exam requires consistant study focus and time to learn the information. Many managers who need to take this license test do not have the time to leave their job and attend an actual live class - if one is even available in their area. Using our online course gives you the time to learn the material, including practice tests to make sure you are ready. Online instructors are available throughout the training course. Series 26 principals should allow 50-60 hours of study time to prepare for the exam.

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