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   529 Plan
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   Agency Bonds
   Asset Management
   Bear Spread
   Bond Yield
   Bull Spread
   Call Option
   Closed End Fund
   Commodities Broker
   Convertible Bonds
   Covered Call Option
   Current Yield
   Custodial Account
   Debit Spread
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   Diagonal Spread
   Fixed Annuity
   Foreign Currency Option
   General Obligation Bond
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   Mortgage REIT
   Municipal Bond Investing
   Mutual Fund Investment
   No Load Fund
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   Online Real Estate Broker
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   Option Straddle
   P E Ratio
   Penny Stock Investing
   Portfolio Management
   Preferred Stock Investing
   Private Placement
   Put Option
   Put Bonds
   REIT Investment
   Revenue Bond
   Secured Bond
   Short Sell
   Stock Option
   Stock Warrant
   Subordinated Debenture
   Tax Deferred Annuity
   Treasury Bill
   Treasury Note
   Treasury Bond
   Treasury STRIP
   Trust Account
   UGMA Account
   Unit Investment Trust
   Variable Annuity
   Yield To Maturity
   Yield To Call
   Zero Coupon Bond


Investing In Preferred Stock  

Preferred shares are sold in par value amounts and pay a fixed dividend to all stock owners. Many preferred stocks are convertible into common stock, and are callable by the issuing company. People who begin buying or investing in preferred shares enjoy a regular dividend payment and the ability to switch to common shares in the company. Oreferred Stock Investing is a fixed income strategy.

The preferred dividend rate is similar to a bond interest payment, although unlike debt payments - the dividend is not an obligation to the company.

Most of the corporations that issue this type of stock are income based companies. They have the income to make these dividend payments. Buying preferred stock in a company is an income strategy.

Most dividends are cumulative. This means that if a preferred share has a dividend rate of 6%, but the company only paid 4% one year, they will them owe you 8% going forward. The amount of the stock dividend that was missed, is made up. Although this is not an obligation. Buying preferred shares gives the person the chance to get the benefit of fixed income investing, but at a higher rate than a bond.

If the company goes out of business, preferred stockholders are paid ahead of common shareholders. Common shares get paid dividends only after preferred investors are paid.

Buying this type of stock or investing offers a fixed rate of return, but stockholders are still at risk if the company does not earn any income going forward. Unlike bond creditors, preferred stock investors cannot make claims on lost money if the company fails.

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