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Retail Off Exchange Forex Exam - FX Licensing Prep

American Investment Training provides full online training to pass the Series 34 Forex Exam. The Series 34 Home Study Course is the newest prep online course for the Retail Off-Exchange Forex exam on the market with up-to-date information, rules and regulations and examples. Get your license with American Investment Training.

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Immediate Series 34 fx feedback practice quizzes promptly reinforce correct answers and build confidence as you prepare for the exam.

The Series 34 Forex exam is composed of 5 Sections, each with its own practice quiz and 2 Final Exams of 40 questions. You receive 5 accesses to each quiz and 10 accesses combined for the two final exams.

Each practice quiz and Final Exam is fully interactive. The course features immediate feedback for each quiz question, and final exams where you take the entire exam, then receive a list of questions you missed. For missed questions, you can view the question, your answer, the correct answer, and explanation, all in one window.