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The Series 55 exam is required for persons participating in Equity Trading. American Investment Training offers the most up to date study prep available. Books, CD Test Programs, Web Based Training and more.

Our Series 55 training course covers all of the topics that are needed to pass the Equity Trader exam.

The Series 55 test covers topics including:

OTC and NYSE Trading Practices Prerequisite License: Series 7
Rules and Regulations Questions on Exam:100
Customer Accounts Time to Complete: 180 Minutes
Customer Accounts Format: Multiple Choice
Trading Limits and Electronic Systems Passing Grade: 70%
Availability: Test is given daily (Mon-Sat)
Where: Prometric Test Centers
Home Study Time: Generally 4 weeks (1-2hrs daily)

Licensed Trader and Jobs

Licensed equity traders are used by FINRA and international brokerage firms. Job qualification will vary. Begin your studies to pass the 55 test. Our study prep material is designed to get you passed the first time!

Computer practice test software can be ordered on CD or downloaded for immed use

All online orders are shipped same day for fast ground shipping. 2-4 business days. Priority shipping requests can be called in as well. Practice test training questions updated!

Please choose a study method below. All Series 55 course material is updated for current test content. Our practice tests are "exam tough", if not a little harder.

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