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The Series 63 exam is required for most individuals who solicit orders for any type of security in that state. People who take the uniformed state exam normally will take the Series 7 Test or Series 6 along with it.

Course prep combinations are available. Our Series 63 training course covers all of the topics that are needed to pass the Series 63 exam with our industry high pass rate.

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American Investment Training offers books, sample practice tests, software, CD Rom Prep, Internet Training and LIVE ONLINE CLASSES.

The test covers topics including:
State Registration Laws and Procedure Prerequisite License: None
Penalties and Suspension Questions on Exam:60
Lawful Practices Time to Complete: 75 Minutes
Definition of terms Format: Multiple Choice
Discretionary Rules Passing Grade: 72%
Availability:Test is given daily (Mon-Sat)
Where: Prometric Test Centers
Home Study Time: Generally 1-2 weeks (1 hour daily)

Please choose a study method below. All Series 63 course material is updated for current test content - New Questions Added! and we send updates on any changes the exam may have during your studies!

The prep material is built for self study and carries a 90% first time pass rate. The exam questions are accurate in difficulty and targeted to the real test.

Series 63 - The online training includes 5 sections covering the exam, chapter quizzes and 7 full, accurate and updated Series 63 Tests.

Student progress is tracked and exam test scores are logged, so you can always see where you are at. We are also available to advise you on whether you are ready to sit for the 63. You can view a sample of the delivery and course topics by visiting the on line link below.

Other licenses available. If you have American Investment Training books and cd study prep - the online course section using the links ahead can be a great supplement to your study. If you are using other books (perhaps inferior or out of date), then the virtual courses can be exactly what you need to pass your exam!

BEGIN ONLINE SERIES 63 - full instructor and technical support included with each enrollment.

The is no pre-requisite knowledge of the Series 63 exam that is required beforehand. The online classes take you from beginning, and you can progress as fast or slow as you feel comfortable in. Full training support is given to all students who are enrolled.

Online topics include:

  • Introduction to the Series 63
  • Uniformed Securities Law
  • Securities Definitions
  • Registrations of Brokers and Securities
  • SEC Law
  • More
Passing the Series 63 exam normally requires 15-20 hours of online prep time with our class. Using our online course gives you the time to learn the material, including practice tests to make sure you are ready. Online instructors are available throughout the class.

We offer an unlimited number of practice tests organized by subject matter, midterms, and finals

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Important: The Series 63 does not require sponsorship from a company. You can take the exam without a Brokerage Firm Sponsor. Best of luck in your career!