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The Series 65 exam is the license for individuals that act as Investment Advisors. It is the Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) License. American Investment Training offers the best online prep training program to get you PASSED the first time and we guarantee it!

Our Series 65 training course covers all of the topics that are needed to pass the Series investment adviser exam.

The Series Investment Advisor test covers topics including:

Product Education Prerequisite License: None
Retirement Planning Questions on Exam:130
Conduct and Business Ethics Time to Complete: 180 Minutes
Securities Rules and Regulations Format: Multiple Choice
Open your own branch office Passing Grade: 72%
Availability: Test is given daily (Mon-Sat)
Where: Prometric or Pearson Test Centers
Home Study Time: Generally 4 weeks (1-2hrs daily)
Open up a home office as an independent investment advisor or broker.

All online orders are shipped same day for fast ground shipping. 2-4 business days.

All Series 65 exam course material is updated for current test content with new questions - and we send updates on any changes the exam may have during your studies! The course is built for self study and carries a 90% first time self study pass rate. The books and CD course is the best option for fast completion. As always, AIT is here to assist our students until they pass their exam successfully.

Important: The Series 65 does not require sponsorship from a company. There is a field for you to put your sponsoring firm in on the registration form to sit for the licensing exam but you can leave it blank. if you are an individual taking it on your own, just put your state you live in and it will be accepted. Thank You. Best of luck in your career! and thank you for choosing American Investment Training and our course partners

State of the art Online Course

The Series 65 Online Includes:

  • 8 Practice Final Exams with over 1100 questions
  • 20 sections covering every topic on the Series 65 with 20 Practice Subject Quizzes with Accurate and Very Detailed Answers
  • Extra Hard Copy Exams on Request (included with course price)
  • Printable PDF Exams
  • Glossary Links
  • Tutor Slides and Instructor Notes
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • PASS Guarantee - Can't beat THAT!

Highest pass rate in the industry. FULL SUPPORT with Tutors.

Online Prep for the Series 65 HERE - with a PASS GUARANTEE! No books needed. Begin in minutes..

If you complete all sections of the training and pass the practice exams, you will then take a Series 65 Greenlight Exam - Once THAT is passed you are good to go! Guaranteed!

SERIES 65 Video Library

You can prepare for your exam with this series of short, exam-focused streaming videos designed to provide reinforcement of the core Series 65 exam topics discussed in the License Exam Manual. They provide an excellent source of review after you have completed your reading and practice questions and help identify areas that you may need further clarification on.

20 subjects covering the full Registered Investment Adviser Curriculum with topic tests in each area of study. The training provides 8 final exams and over 1100 questions.

Start the Series 65 HERE - 100% PASS GUARANTEE!.

Any questions? Email us - And during the course, we are here to clear up any questions you have. FULL support and pass guarantee. No risk.

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