Series 7 Tutor Training

American Investment Training, based in New York has instructors available to do Series 7 private or group tutor sessions. AIT also can do sessions by phone for students throughout the country.

We know many students who are currently studying for the Series 7 can have issues with certain subjects. Having a tutor, whether it's in person or over the phone can be a great help.

The main issues that people run into when preparing for the Series 7 are: Options, Bonds, Formulas, and Calculations. There are other areas on the Series of course, but our students generally need help in the mechanical areas of the exam. Our private tutors are experts in cutting through the haze and giving you a straight forward way of looking at that subject.

We do not conduct private one-on-one tutor sessions or phone sessions until we communicate with you first. We need to see where you are at. Some of the questions we will ask are:

Do you have study material already? If you do not, then it is too soon to meet with a Series 7 tutor. If you are unhappy with the material you have, consider AIT's courses. Study material can be found at the American Investment Training Website Here

Have you taken the exam before?

What grade did you get?   If so, what areas did you score low in?

Do you have a test date set?

We want to find out as much information as we can so we can arrange the tutor sessions properly. We also want to make sure the Series 7 teacher structures the phone sessions with your test date in focus.

How Tutoring Works

30 minute or 1 hour sessions. For more information, please email at:

Special Options Tutor Help for Series 7

Schedule a one on one over the phone with follow up supplements! - Let our lead Instructor Nail Down Options for you

We cover it all:

Calls and Puts



Stock with Options

And Our Series 7 Instructor will make sure you are "rock solid" in Options Strategies. Bonds also available

Phone Sessions are available anywhere! with follow up.

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Series 7 on-site classes or rates for private groups are handled differently, so contact us with firm or group situations.

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