Registered Research Analyst (Regulations)

Pass the Series 87 with American Investment Training . The Research Analyst examination is the Regulations portion of the Series 86/87 examination. Our series 87 training course covers all of the topics needed to pass the series 87 exam.

The test covers topics including:

Investment Banking Prerequisite License: Series 7
Securities Act Questions on Exam:50
NYSE Rules Time to Complete: 90 Minutes
FINRA Rules Format: Multiple Choice
CBOE Rules Passing Grade: 70%
Availability: Test is given daily (Mon-Sat)
Where: Prometric or Pearson Centers
Home Study Time: Generally 4 weeks (1-2hrs daily)

The Series 87 self-study courses allow you to learn on your own with updated study materials, Series 87 practice exams, and private tutor access services. You receive easy-to-understand study manuals and practice tests with detailed explanations along with a toll-free number to call when you need specific questions answered.

Please choose a study method below. All Series 87 exam course material is updated for current test content. Our most recent pass rate for this exam is 91%.

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