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Stocks, Bonds, Options and other Investment Related Articles.

American Investment Training has written dozens of published trading and investing education articles on the Internet. Many can be found on ezine articles. We will be building more of our list on THIS site, so check back or bookmark us for trading and training articles and links for learning and strategies.

Special New Investment Trading Subjects:

High Yield Bond Funds - Learn about High Yielding junk bonds and funds (article)

Learn Options Trading - Basics and strategies of options trading. Spreads, Straddles and more (books and links)

Forex Trading - Gold, Energy, Metals, Commodities (trading firms specializing in FX trading. We have published many articles online related to Forex trading.

Some Published Investment and Trading Articles on the Internet by us

- Most have been syndicated online across the Internet.

Learn Options Trading - Call and Put Contracts and the basics of trading them. These include the risks, maximum gains and timing risk associated with them. A great beginners article on Option Trading Strategies.

Series 7 Exam Options - Stocks and Puts - For the Series 7 exam, knowing about options can be a matter of pass or fail. Stock postions with Options is a common stratgey. Know how to analyze Long stock with calls or puts and short stock with options. All of these combination strategies are used for protection or income. Click the link to the main article to view all. Also visit our Series 7 Training Blog for much more on trading and Series 7 test examples.

Trading Option Spreads - Option Spreads are the buying and selling of the same type [ calls or puts ] to obtain a "spread" either on the premiums bought and sold, a profit gain withing the strike prices, or by trading out of them prior to expiration. Spreads are considered a conservative option strategy, since while the spread is intact - expirations matching and both contracts active, it is considered covered.

Forex Trading Systems - Learning the FX - Learn how the forex trading market works. This 24/7 international exchange is where the real ACTION is if you are an active trader or a broker looking for high volume and high commissions. Click main article link to view more. Also, consider taking the Series 34 Forex Exam - a simple exam you can take on your own and be a licensed

Pass The Series 7 Exam

Yield To Maturity and Bond Yield

Vertical Option Spread Trading

Long Straddle Option Strategies

Bullish Call Spreads

Full list from our President Nick Hunter, who is Platinum Level Expert Author on ezine articles, the #1 article website on the Internet - Nick Hunter's Article Profile and List of Published and syndicated pieces

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